The Phantom Diner
Phantom Diner Restaurant and Retail Consultants

Welcome to The Phantom Diner.

Our Mission at Phantom Diner is to provide
 support to local businesses and to strengthen the local economy.   We hope that our evaluations, observations and comments will provide valuable information to business owners and restaurateurs leading to a better customer experience. 

Our Goal is to improve the customer experience for our clients by providing direct, objective feedback from the customer perspective regarding their business. 

We provide:
           Restaurant, Retail and Event Operations Review
           Customer Service Quality Checks
           Staff  Observation, Education & Training
           Free Services for Non Profit organizations.

Public reviews can make or break an establishment.  While we feel that social media can be helpful - we believe that managers and owners can best be served by receiving direct input from the customer - before it becomes damaging.  By reporting directly to the owner, manager or event coordinator, we can give them information they may not be aware of - and assist them in improving their customer experience. 

We want to see WNY business succeed.  We want to see our local economy grow.  And we want to see our community flourish.

If you feel you can benefit from our services - please contact us.

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